Thank you so much for choosing this course!


Please make sure you have put in the correct email for your contact details as this is the email that your certificate will be automatically sent through to. If you have put in the wrong email you can update this in your account tab. Please write down your password. If you can’t remember your password don’t create a new account as this will not be linked to your purchase, but rather, click the password re-set button and change your password.


Make sure you download the manual! It contains all the relevant repertoire. Within the course, I have included several repertoire videos. Some of the exercises in the workout videos will not be included in the manual, so please take note of those you wish to remember!


After some lessons I have placed a quick quiz. The answer to the quiz should be in the lesson directly before it. You will need 80% to pass.


I will be applying to other education bodies for continuing education. Please let me know which education bodies your would like the course to be registered with. Different education bodies have different criteria for assessment, so credits may vary from one to the next.


Your certificate is automatically generated once you have completed all sections and quizzes. Please make sure you have entered your full name in your profile to avoid a certificate being issues with your email address as you name!


Please make sure you check the complete button once you have completed each section.


Please feel free to call or text me on 0413 882 726 or email louise@taubepilates.com


If you go to the tabs at the top, you will see that there is one called forums. Feel free to ask questions in the forum or start a discussion.


Thank you again so much for choosing Taube Pilates!

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